David Bleznak, Founder & CEO of Totle: Simplifying Decentralized Exchanges

David Bleznak is the founder and CEO of Detroit based Totle. In this live recording, Bleznak and Anthony Pompliano discuss tokenization of assets, the current regulatory environment, future financing mechanisms, and fundraising in today’s bear market.

This episode of Off the Chain was recorded at CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Totle’s B2B platform provides crypto-to-crypto exchange at the best prices. Similar to using Kayak for finding the best flights, Totle’s platform aggregates access to leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and optimally routes traders to the best venue. With Totle, users always safely control their private keys.

Visit Totle.com to learn more. For investment information visit Totle.com/invest.


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David Bleznak, Founder & CEO of Totle: Simplifying Decentralized Exchanges
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