Running 4 Wounded Warriors This Sunday

This Sunday I will be blessed to participate in something that is bigger than myself once again. I will be running the Raleigh Half-Marathon to bring awareness to and raise money for Wounded Warriors across the country. All of the running I have done and will do this weekend is nothing compared to the sacrifice that these men and women have made.

Last week I was told by a very close friend of mine that not only did he believe in this cause, but that he felt that he wanted to help as well. This Sunday when I step on to the course to battle fatigue, emotions, and mental toughness, I will have one of my good friends running alongside me. This is something that I did not expect but am so excited to experience the journey with him!

What I need from each of you is to help me raise awareness while fundraising. Many of you have pledged money (from $5 to $250) which I am so grateful for. With the race approaching quickly, the money will need to be donated by the end of this week. While I had set an initial goal of $5000 in 27 days, our adjusted goal is now $1000. Please pass this link on to each and every person you know so that we can come together and make a difference. These men and women have given so much for our country and our freedom, it is only right that we show our gratitude by helping to improve their quality of life!

If you would like to donate, you can visit to make a donation. Every dollar can help and these courageous warriors are more than thankful for whatever amount you can spare. I hope each of you will join me on my mission to make a difference!