Delivery By Drones

Many companies spend a significant amount of time and money on logistics. From e-commerce stores to small businesses, everyone wants to know how they can deliver products faster and cheaper.

This desire led Zookal, an Australian-based textbook rental service, to create a drone-based delivery service. The company was able to decrease delivery times from days to minutes and cut delivery costs by 90% via self-driving drones.


I personally think drone-based delivery is the future. Although Google, Ebay, and Amazon are all fighting to dominate the same-day delivery vertical, the costs are still high. Drones can fix the issues of cost, resources, and time. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?!

The FAA has not yet approved drones for commercial use in the United States. This is in spite of foreign countries having passed similar legislation. We must address these issues head-on in order for innovation to thrive. Imagine the possibilities:

Mail, pizza, and Starbucks all delivered by drones which saves everyone money and creates more happiness

This is all possible. We must seek to create a better, more efficient world. Zookal is starting the revolution. Are we innovative enough to follow?

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