Why You Should Show Up To Learn Ruby on Rails

On Friday, November 2nd, twenty students will file into American Underground to change their lives forever. If you aren’t one of those twenty students, you should question your dedication to being a successful entrepreneur.

We live in a world where we have more “idea guys” then “makers.” Ideas are great, but without execution, they die. Yarak Labs has set out on a mission to change this balance, while arming entrepreneurs with the necessary skill sets. On November 2nd, the twenty students will be learning Ruby on Rails development from John Long and Michael Pell (two awesome developers).

So why should you show up? Here’s my best reasoning:

1. If you can’t build things, you need to learn.

2. Once you learn one programming language, the others come easier.

3. Ruby on Rails is one of the easiest languages to learn initially and can be leveraged to build some amazing products or applications.

4. The two “teachers” are programming rockstars with years of experience.

5. $50 is less then most spend on one night of partying.

6. Investing nine hours of your time is nothing compared to the pay off afterwards.

7. Finally, lets be honest – What else do you have to do?!?

So here’s the deal. Twenty people are going to decide that they want to make an investment in their future. It will speak volumes to see who shows up. Who is all talk and who is all action? I’ll be there and would love for you to join me! Sign up here.

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