Be Popular, Not Famous

Many entrepreneurs set out to build a business for the money. Along the way they fall in love the grind, the game, and also the attention that comes along with it. I recently was listening to an interview of Jens Pulver (a mixed martial arts world champion) and he said something that really resonated with me.

He said “I attribute much of my success to my attitude and how people relate to me. Most guys dread going to the mall or signing autographs. Me? I love it. I’m just a regular dude. I go to the mall and give out some high fives and have some fun with people. I get up on a pedestal when I enter the cage to fight because thats my job, but as soon as the fight is over I get right back down. I don’t see myself as famous or any of that. I am just a regular f*****ing dude. I’m not famous, just real popular.”

Pulver brings up an excellent point. His attitude towards the attention is what allows him to seem down-to-earth and garner so much respect. As a business leader, you will experience praise and criticism. Those that can avoid allowing the attention to go to their head will survive.

Take the time every week to refocus yourself and realize that you put your pants on the same way everyone else does… leg at a time. Your bank account doesn’t define you so don’t let others think it does. Be yourself, be genuine, never be too busy for others, and help those that need it. This recipe for success will help you more then any business plan or idea ever can.


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