About Me

I am a military veteran and young entrepreneur interested in improving education in order to prepare our world’s future leaders with the tools to change their world.  This blog is meant to give you insight into my thoughts on education, entrepreneurship, and life in general.  I hope you join me on my journey!

Co – Founder of The Community Corkboard


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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Anthony,

    thanks for the great “have a mentor” post. But in my opinion it is more difficult you think.
    Now, in my case, I do have some ideas I would like to realise. But living in Germany, makes it more difficult building a network with people which can help or even people which would like to building businesses with me.

    At the moment, I have an idea, which could help young entrepreneurs to realise their own business. Germany is not an entrepreneur-country. Because of this it is hard to find a mentor or people who would like tu build businesses and start-ups.

    Do you have an idea how i could contact (and where) people, who are interessted in building businesses? Atm I’m a part of these people who are dreaming of success, and that makes me real sick…

    I like the way you think. keep on rockin’ !



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